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Here's one of my last offerings for FaLaLaLaLa's Christmas in July celebration. I was going to hold onto this one until Christmas but moved it up since it's so... well... funky!

This album was released at Christmas, 1976 on Cotillion Records, a subsidiary of Atlantic Records. This label had an impressive roster of artists that included Jean Knight, The Fatback Band, Stacy Lattislaw, and even the Velvet Underground (before they imploded in the early 1970s).

Two of its major finds were Sister Sledge (of "We Are Family" fame) and a three member group by the name of Luther. Take a real good look at who's sitting behind the piano...

Yep, that Luther!

Each artist listed on the cover above get two tracks each on this album and clearly the best cuts on the album ("May Christmas Bring You Happiness" and "At Christmas Time") are from Vandross and company.

However, leave some room for the other artists. John Edwards shines, Willis Jackson is no King Curtis but his wailin' sax will make you feel great, Margie Joseph's two songs will haunt me forever - "Christmas Gift" had two major scratches on it and took me a full day to record, and the Impressions (without Curtis Mayfield) are in fine form with their two songs; the latter being an epic 5 minute, 50 second version of "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus"!

Download it yourself and take a listen:

Funky Christmas (Cotillion Records)

This album works best if you happen to have shag carpeting, platform shoes, and either "Maude" or "Sanford & Son" playing on a black & white TV set softly in the background.

Happy listening...