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Here's another gem of an album rescued from the obscurity bins of the Salvation Army by the King of Jingaling at FaLaLaLaLa.com!

Not much is known about The Glad Singers... when the King posted this album on Christmas Eve last year, he stated:

"It's hard to do research on an artist when the first results Google gives you are your own posts..."

Fly over to the original post at FaLaLaLaLa to read the liner notes (and you can STILL DOWNLOAD this fantastic album)!

As for the music, it's all top notch! It's a cross of Ray Conniff Singers meets Ferrante & Teicher meets Lawrence Welk wrapped around Christmas music. Several tracks on this album swing including "Gloria (Angels We Have Heard)", "Three Kings", and "Fum Fum Fum".

However, the standout tracks are "Joy" and "Ox And Donkey". "Joy" begins as "Joy To The World" but along the way the Glad Singers just keep yell singing "JOY! JOY! JOY!". Add banjo and some bizarre vocal arrangements and you'll be looking at the Christmas punch bowl to see if it's spiked or not.

"Ox And Donkey" starts with an arrangement straight out of the Martin Denny songbook then continues with a nice bossa nova feel. This is one of the freshest Christmas songs I've heard in quite some time. This one's on my list of potential songs to be included on my 2006 Christmas compilation.

After you've listened to this album, remember this: there is a STEREO version of this album floating around somewhere (this is the mono version). Can you imagine the flashbacks that would cause? Could my speakers handle it? King, thanks again for sharing this with everyone!

On to the next new Christmas CD in my collection...